CBD Yoga Massage

THE HEALING HAS JUST BEGUN: A custom class with the perfect blend of therapeutic touch, meditative yoga, and hemp CBD relaxation 

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CBD Yoga Massage



Cannabidiol- one of the most abundant compounds found in the cannabis plant. Completely safe and non-psychoactive. We utilize the most transparent and effective full spectrum CBD oils on the market for our classes. They are infused into magnesium massage lotion for therapeutic topical application during the restorative yoga flow. We also incorporate decadent, organic hemp CBD chocolate to enjoy together prior to beginning of class in meditation. Find out more about CBD use and benefits HERE.

The Yoga


Yoga- Union; yolking or joining together.

This yoga practice is slow moving with breath acting as a guide to find stillness in groundwork postures for minutes at a time. The stretches are gentle yet deeply effective. The engagement of diaphragmatic breathing takes you on a personal journey of silence, awareness, and healing within. 

The Massage


The therapeutic touch is facilitated by our licensed massage therapist. Throughout each yoga posture, our therapist applies kneading, rolling, jostling, and tapping to relieve muscle and fascial tension. CBD lotion is applied to problem areas such as neck, low back, shoulders, and hands/feet for extra relief. 

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