#OwnYoHealth Wellness Challenge starts January 1st, 2020




You're invited to the ultimate new year community endeavor to connect with your inner wisdom, push past inner comfort limits, and take back your health!

#OwnYoHealth Wellness Challenge:

1 month of documented, ritualistic self-care practices and experiments to optimize your energetics, hormone balance, mental clarity, and physical performance. 

The more wellness tasks you complete, check off, and crush, the more entries you get into the grand prize raffle drawing.

How to enter:

1. Purchase a 2-pack, 3-pack, or 6-pack of massages at Mind Muscle Health (or be on an existing package/membership). Your massages will be most important to keep regular with for your self-care and recovery practice! The packages do NOT need to be paid all upfront. We can do a pay-by-service plan for those who prefer it. 

2. Sign up with your email on our website homepage under the #OwnYoHealth Wellness Challenge. (CBDYogaMassage.com)

3. Join our private FB group (an invite will be sent after website sign up)- Own Your Health Challenge for support and an online community platform to share progress/ask questions. 

Starting Wednesday January 1st, you will receive an email every morning with your challenge of the day! Try to experiment with all or as many as you can, but feel free to skip any day that does not suit you. These email tasks will consist of more internal, mindful, self-care practices, but along with these daily tasks, there will also be the ultimate TO DO list. This list of tasks will be available for the entire month long challenge and consists of the get-up and get-moving challenges. Each item on the TO DO list can be completed any day and as many times as you want! Each item on the TO DO list also correlates to a number of ticket entries into the grand prize raffle when completed. Track your progress and let us know as each item is crossed off your list. Post your tasks on Instagram with the hashtag #ownyohealth & tag @mind.muscle.health. For every tagged post, completed item, and service received, you will earn more tickets into the grand prize raffle drawing at the end of the challenge. 

What is the grand prize raffle drawing you ask? 

A ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP OF MONTHLY 90 MIN MASSAGES + your very own Red Light Joovv to use at home on injuries, ailments, and wounds!

Here's the ultimate TO DO List. Complete as many as you can as many times as you want all month long in January:



Be on a 6 pack of massages at Mind Muscle Health= 10 ticket entries 

Be on a 3 pack of massages at Mind Muscle Health= 5 ticket entries 

Try a 30 min Reiki Energy Healing session at Mind Muscle Health (pro tip- try tacking this on to one of your scheduled massages)= 3 ticket entries

Try decompression cupping in your next massage=2 ticket entries

Get a supply of CBD brain power chocolates and try 1-2 a day until they run out. Document or journal on your state of mind/sleep quality/mental focus. (Text Kylie to order these delicious treats! 775-544-5242) =10 ticket entries

Instagram post with #ownyohealth and tagged @mind.muscle.health= 1 ticket entry per post

Attend a CBD Yoga Massage class or any CBD class hosted by Mind Muscle Health=1 ticket entry

Attend 5 yoga classes at your favorite studio (Grounded & Elevated Yoga is conveniently located at Mind Muscle Health ;) )= 2 ticket entries

Purchase and try out our pumpkin body scrub or peppermint body scrub at home: scrub and exfoliate your entire body multiple times a week before your shower. (Text Kylie to order: 775-544-5242)=3 ticket entries 

Perform a self-massage ritual for 10-15 minutes with your favorite massage oil, body lotion, or our Circulation Body Butter (helps improve blood and lymph flow). Step 1: Create slow, clockwise, circular motions with both hands in your abdominal area for health of digestion and hormonal balance in GI tract. Bring one finger into belly button and perform small, circles at different angles and with various strengths to find any pressure points that feel intense or cause sensations to arise. Step 2. Work your way up into chest and neck area. Create back and forth strokes above, below, and inside your collarbone to encourage healthy drainage of lymphatic circulation. Work your way down each arm, pausing to pinch and pull upward along the tissue around both shoulders. Circulate tissue lightly, but with stimulation around each armpit. Step 3. Work your way down into the gluteal region/low back/pelvis. Spend extra time where it feels good, sore, or achy. Progress down one thigh, calf, ankle, and foot with long, flowing strokes to cover entire area with the lubricant. Go back over with smaller, circular, and intentional strokes. Emphasize with small back and forth strokes around hip creases, behind knees, and in between toes for energetic stimulation. Repeat down the other leg. (Text Kylie to order your own Circulation Body Butter)

Sit in an infrared sauna for 30 minutes= 1 ticket entry

Try a cryotherapy session in your shower- turn water all the way cold and drench whole body for 1-2 minutes while breathing slowly and calmly= 1 ticket entry

Try a cryotherapy tank session= 5 ticket entries

Try a sensory deprivation float at Healing One= 5 ticket entries

Try an Ayurvedic morning routine:

-Wake up early, scrape tongue, use a netti pot to clear sinuses, drink 8-16 oz hot water, self-massage your body with your favorite dosha massage oil (ask us how to get), take a hot bath or shower with minimal soap on body, practice 15-30 minutes of gentle movement like walking, yoga, or tai chi. DO ALL OF THIS BEFORE BREAKFAST= 5 ticket entries

-Sit in daily silence for 5-10 minutes and listen to nothing but your breathing=2 ticket entries

Any questions, please call/text Kylie at: 775-544-5242

I look forward to adventuring with you! 

Kylie Ross NVMT.9259